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This Undivided Life

Feb 14, 2023

Can you imagine your best day? Have you glimpsed it yet? Turn off your phone and you’ll see it’s possible. Our Digital Soul guides you through the overwhelming maze of modern life to the life you really want, as it takes a hard look at the impacts of digital media and the trauma that results for all ages and every generation. Backed by research and experience, Black and Hutchins share their own personal journeys as well as those of their clients to explore a path where we can recover and thrive alongside our digital reality.

Jenny Black is a licensed marriage and family therapist and founder of Media Trauma Care.

Bob Hutchins is a Digital Marketing Executive with an MSc in Behavioral and Organizational Psychology.

Jenny and Bob have both delivered Tedx Talks on the subjects of the slow drip of media trauma, ambiguous loss, and tragic optimism.

Jenny Black and Bob Hutchins collaborate and work in Franklin, TN.