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This Undivided Life

Apr 25, 2023

Robby Fowler, Champion of Life-giving Brands.

What the heck is a life-giving brand? And how is he crowned champion? Good questions.
He never set out to do this. But he 'MacGyvered' my zagging path into a Swiss army knife that is his life and business.
He never set out to do this. But here he is.

Robby has “MacGyvered"  multifarious interests, eclectic experiences, and nerdy librarian-like passion for learning into a single Swiss army knife that is my life and business. (He's  not Swiss. He does love Roger Federer though.)

All the strange turns, detours, and adventures in how he got here play a critical role in my passion for helping others build life-giving brands and profitable personal brand websites.Here are the 'MacGyvered' Swiss army knife blades he uses most to help personal brands:
  • Sharp Creativity to think differently about your problems and new solutions
  • Pristine Clarity in coaching, teaching, copywriting, and simplifying complexities
  • Sage Strategy to help you take the right next step and implement action
  • Radical Empathy to connect with you and your customers
  • Leadership Development to grow leaders, not just dollars