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This Undivided Life

Apr 28, 2020

Bob Hutchins (Franklin, TN) founded and was /CEO of BuzzPlant a digital marketing agency targeting the faith/family market. Since 2001, Bob has strategically guided online campaigns for countless movie/books/music ­releases and events, including Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, The Chronicles of Narnia,

Apr 21, 2020

Scott Perkins & Troy McLaughlin discuss choosing to live a life of gratitude despite our circumstances. We share some practical ways to do this; including thankfulness jars, gratitude journals and white board writings. Join us along our gratitude journey. We are so thankful for sharing part of your journey with us. 

Apr 14, 2020

The Rev. Chad E. Jarnagin is a recognized musician, priest, & speaker. He is host of The Luminous Podcast as well as the Learning to BE Podcast, and the Founding Rector of Luminous Anglican Parish, a space for spiritual wellness in Nashville | Franklin, TN. He is an ordained priest within the Anglican Communion. Member,...

Apr 7, 2020

Troy Mclaughlin and co-host Scott Perkins talk about why they started the This Undivided Life Podcast. 

Apr 4, 2020

For the most part we cling to our busyness as a badge of honor. Troy and Scott discuss our busyness and it's costs on our lives. Further discussing what a life looks like without busyness and it's relationship to our wholeness.