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This Undivided Life

Oct 27, 2020

Emily Rodger is a 2x UCI GF Cycling World Champion. She loves  fly fishing, living out her faith, and her God given living my purpose. The bike has taught he more than she ever knew. She shares her story about being hit twice on the bike and surviving and her long road to recovery. Most of all it's a story of...

Oct 19, 2020

Scott and Troy examen 3 daily questions we can ask ourselves. First, "what am I grateful for? Second, "who am I." And finally, Did I do well in being whom I'm supposed to be today?"

Oct 13, 2020

Because of life's often fast pace, our propensity towards busyness we often miss the beauty around us in the everyday moments of life. If we'd model our children and their ability to be so in the moment, so in the now, maybe we would find, discover more beauty in our lives. 

Oct 6, 2020

We often think no is a negative word. That it has little benefit. But it's vital we use it to create margin and boundaries in our lives. When we say yes to something, we're always saying no to something else. Saying no, can and does create the space we often need to live much healthier lives.