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This Undivided Life

Jan 19, 2021

Daniel C White believes authenticity begins with honest connection. The true story starts when you put the lens down and listen. Whether his focus is a schoolchild in Rwanda or a CEO in Nashville, He seeks to know and understand people and earn the right to tell others' stories — diving in and fully immersing himself in their experiences before he ever begins to assess the lighting. Honest photography can only happen when the story is honored and the people are dignified.

His photography work began while on trips with international relief organizations. He began to notice the beautiful stories unfolding all around me and I felt called to capture what I saw. Through that experience he discovered a passion for telling stories in a unique way — seeking to remove his mark so only the beauty and honesty of the story remains on display. Every moment is sacred, and deserves to be treasured. Daniel strives to capture these moments in photos that are not only seen, but felt and experienced.