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This Undivided Life

Nov 30, 2021

Kirsten Powers is the NYT bestselling author of SAVING GRACE: Speak Your Truth, Stay Centered & Learn To Coexist with People Who Drive You Nuts. She talks about living in true grace, first with yourself then with others. Here's how she ends her book..."Grace is an idea worth saving, and in the end it might just be what...

Nov 24, 2021

What do we do when life goes sideways? When we have to stare pain or suffering in the face? How do we react? Do we try yo ignore it, avoid it, not acknowledge it? Scott and Troy discuss some ways to face our troubles, some ways to acknowledge the pain and come out the other side. 

Nov 16, 2021

Erik and his wife of nearly 16+ years and their two children live in Northern Idaho and live a humble and blessed life. Together they are breaking the cycles handed down to them of addictions, depression, abuse, and lies. They are leaving a new legacy for their next generation built on a biblical foundation.

Along with...

Nov 9, 2021

Brian Zahnd: Full-time pastor. Occasional author. Would-be mountaineer.

Brian is the founder and lead pastor of Word of Life Church, a Christian congregation located in the heartland of America in St. Joseph, Missouri. When Everything's on Fire: Faith Forged from the Ashes.


Nov 2, 2021

Whether it's gratitude or anger, or joy, or envy we become what we practice in our daily lives. Because life is what we practice.