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This Undivided Life

Sep 26, 2023

How do we live our lives in light of the fact we will not be here some day? How do we live knowing we will go?Scott and Troy talk about death and dying, and how it informs our living.

Sep 12, 2023

Caroline Oaks is a writer/spiritual director/publicist who is fascinated with the shifts in mind and spirit that slowing down and noticing can bring.

She studies and follow luminaries of the perennial wisdom that underlies all religions and spiritual traditions  — thinking of spiritual teachers like Thomas Merton and...

Sep 5, 2023

Before she became an internationally renowned designer and photographer, Carley Summers suffered from alcoholism and addiction, spending nights in jail, the emergency room, and rehab. As someone who celebrates recovery today, she knows firsthand the importance of a warm and inviting home. Summers uses her life...