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This Undivided Life

Jun 22, 2021

Scott and Troy talk about the source of our joy. Where do you find yours? Are you filling your soul with joyful things? How is practicing being present helpful for the cultivation of joy?

Jun 15, 2021

Scott and Troy discuss the question, "Is this good for my soul? How often do we move through life on auto pilot without asking what we're doing, taking in, relationships, etc. without asking is it good for our very souls?

Jun 8, 2021

Chocolate Johnny aka John Kapos the CEO Chocolate Eating Officer is a third-generation chocolatier and businessman who owns Perfection Chocolates. Hailing from Sydney, he was an early adopter of the online world.

He is constantly keeping up with the latest trends and developments in social media, and knows how to...

Jun 1, 2021

Jesse is a pastor, former professional soccer goalkeeper (played in Zimbabwe Africa, Aberdeen Scotland, and Minnesota), radio host, author, and speaker. A graduate of Dartmouth College, his curiosity about faith and Jesus began there. In an Introduction to World Religions course, he began to read the Bible for the first...