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This Undivided Life

Nov 14, 2023

Kimberly is a professional helper and artist. Today, she is an English professor, published writer, and counselor. During her critical illness in 2021-2022, she began dreaming about The Way Back to Ourselves and founded it in August of 2022. Her writing has been published in Ekstasis, Fathom, Truly Co, Radix, Calla Press, The Dew Drop, and many others. She is in the process of publishing her debut poetry book, Of Wings & Dirt, which is inspired by her health journey, infertility, and miraculous motherhood. She is also at work on a devotional, A Way Through the Wilderness: 40 Devotionals for Suffering, and a nonfiction work about parenting and leading this new generation toward wholeness, which is the research and passion project that inspired this community. It, too, is titled The Way Back to Ourselves.